The Aspiring Filmmaker is a resource run by me, Dean Haycox, to help you learn the art of documentary filmmaking from my journey into this amazing lifestyle, the experiences I gain, the mistakes I make and ultimately what works and doesn’t.
I’m right at the beginning of my documentary journey and I’m really excited, and nervous as to see where it takes not just me, but you too, if you want to come along.. your welcome.
Who is Dean Haycox

I’m just a normal guy and at the time of writing this still works in a full time job working for the ambulance service in the UK.
Before having that job I spent 9 years in the Army Reserves where I travelled the world and met some amazing people.

Right now, I love geology. I’m studying for a degree in Geology with the Open University here in the UK. So, if you like rocks 🙂 then we can be best buddies lol

I’m also of to Nepal in October to trek to Everest Base camp and doing it for charity too.. find more info here.. Just Giving  Everest Trek I will be taking some amazing photos and videos and hopefully be making some mini documentaries while out there.. All of which I’ll tell you about when I come back


I do things different

What separates this website from all the other documentary sites? Unlike other documentary filmmaking sites you won’t find any of my recommendations on equipment, tools without me having personally tested them out and using them. My documentary journey is exactly like yours.

I only feature companies that I personally use – not ones that have paid us for advertising, that will never happen. Every company recommend is here because they are useful and used in my day to day documentary filmmaking.

This website is about showing you what it’s really like starting out in documentary filmmaking, and we refuse to promote any websites, companies, equipment or tools that don’t help you.


What you’ll learn here

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to become a documentary filmmaker and everything that includes, editing, audio, equipment, you are in the right place. This website will give you the tips, advice, and suggestions and well as all the mistakes I have made. This is a real life journey for me and I’m going to share everything with you, even the bad bits.

  • Documentary filmmaking tips
  • Interview with other documentary filmmakers
  • Equipment and tools that you actually need
  • My journey into documentary filmmaking
  • In depth video tutorials on equipment, tools, and how – To’s

Above all I want you to use my successes and failures to becoming your own documentary filmmaker and we can achieve this goal together.
I would love to know where on the documentary filmmaking path you are?? Give me shout..

Want the inside scoop?